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OAU Best Graduate Receives 100,000 Cash Reward


Lawal Oluwafemi of the department of accounting has been awarded the best graduating student of Awolowo Obafemi University. He graduated with a CGPA of 4.98 and was also the best overall in ICAN professional exams with 14 awards. He earned a total of 22 academic awards in 4 years and was rewarded with hundred thousand naira by the University. OAU

Oluwafemi posted the pictures of the awards on his Twitter page and here are reactions as people questions why he would receive a princely sum of hundred thousand naira.

“I thought nobody saw it. In the same country where winner of BBN went home with 30million Naira and add-ons. Before you come to tell me that private companies sponsored BBN, let me state here that there is nothing wrong for private companies to look in the direction of education.

And someone will say, you can’t get jobs in this country without connections. I will bet my first salary on the chances for this guy. http://www.bellsnews.com/sports/ucl-draws-chelsea-to-battle-bayern-munich-as-city-welcome-real-madrid/

Carry on brother. God don bless you True, but It’s not about getting a job, it’s about the quality and package of the job.
He will have more benefits abroad than in 9ja.

2ndly, in the labor market of today, it’s not about Education, it’s about Skills, productivity and what growth you can bring to an organization. http://opr.news/s140ea001191216en_ng

Job search? Are you kidding?He doesn’t need to search for jobs. Jobs are searching for him

I can bet on anything that this guy’s email is being bombarded with offers. His only problem is deciding the one to pick.

I am using your pictures for my wallpaper till I resume my 100 level in february. When I came to Ife last time, I actually wanted to meet with you. But exams didn’t allow me. Please if you see this I’ll like to talk with you sir.
Congrats bro…The sky is your starting point.”


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