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Davido Berates Fans Over Dirty Twitter War With Wizkid’s Fans


Davido has berated his fans and that of Wizkid for their war of words on Twitter. Davido’s fans under the name Davido FC and Wizkid’s Fans with the name Wizkid FC have been battling on Twitter over superiority between Wizkid and Davido. It is against this backdrop that Davido posted that he was disappointed in his fans and that of Wizkid. Davido posted the tweet because of a dirty fight between two fans that got the artistes’ family involved.

Still, while others were condemning the dirty fight between both parties, some were justifying the reason for the fight. Here are some reactions from fans

“Come on guys! You need to stop the hate. Let love lead. Together we push

Forget this people they are just frustrated human beings

Boss we can’t let them insult you and keep quiet, they started it first

I swear the fans are the main problem. Over zealous fans !
Bad energy. http://www.bellsnews.com/sports/ucl-draws-chelsea-to-battle-bayern-munich-as-city-welcome-real-madrid/

Bro just ignore them, na poor man dey reason like that. Poor man, poor mentality. You easily could have ignored

This is the low of lows. Shocked and disappointed at the gross lack of emotional intelligence and empathy. You all really should do better than this. There was absolutely no need for this. Some people really don’t know where to draw the line.

These guys started all these bants of a thing at first. Davido fans on twitter were known as peaceful ppl on this street before. Those guys are too toxic. They hate seeing anyone doing better than them http://opr.news/s75727ebd191216en_ng

Talking about someone’s mother is wrong , you just touched a deep spot in his heart , because he doesn’t come to the media to tear up his emotions doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel it.”


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